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Carrie Jones

Carrie is the author of Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend (Flux/Llewellyn, Spring 2007) - ISBN: 0-7387-1050-4


headshot_cjones.jpgCarrie Jones likes Skinny Cow fudgicles and potatoes. She does not know how to spell fudgicles. This has not prevented her from writing books. She lives with her cute family in Maine. She has a large, skinny white dog and a fat cat. Both like fudgicles. Only the cat likes potatoes. This may be a reason for the kitty’s weight problem (Shh… don’t tell). Carrie has always liked cowboy hats but has never owned one. This is a very wrong thing. She graduated from Vermont College’s MFA program for writing. She has edited newspapers and poetry journals and has recently won awards from the Maine Press Association and also been awarded the Martin Dibner Fellowship as well as a Maine Literary Award.

Book: Tips On Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend
tips_on_having.jpgBelle, a high school senior, has a perfect long-time boyfriend, Dylan. But then Dylan turns out to be gay. Belle must come to terms with what this means for her, for him, and for the small town they live in. Not only must she deal with the all-time stinkiness of being dumped, but with Dylan being in real physical danger because he is gay. Belle is the high-school’s resident militant leftie and crusader for the oppressed—including homosexuals, of course. She never thought that she’d be crusading for her blonde, green-eyed ex-boyfriend. And at the same time, she falls in love, all over again, with Tom, who is hopefully not gay. Belle has her fingers crossed.

Carrie’s second novel, Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape), will be released in March 2008, followed by a third titled True Grit.

Book Info:

  • ISBN (Hardcover): 0-7387-1050-4
  • ISBN-13 (Hardcover): 978-0-7387-1050-1
  • Release date: May 1, 2007
  • Pages: 264


“From the first sentence of Carrie Jones’s novel I could tell that here was a bright new writer who was going to set the world of young adult letters aflame.”
- Kathi Appelt

“Carrie Jones’s Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend is a faithful head-on look at crumbling first love, right down to the crash and achingly funny postmortem. Read it and laugh. Have tissues on stand-by.” - Rita Williams-Garcia
“The harassment that Belle and Dylan both receive from their classmates creates tension that builds throughout the story, keeping readers captivated and leading to an unpredictable outcome. Jones’s portrayal of high school life is engaging, and readers will enjoy her descriptions of lunchroom dynamics, class outings, and dating. This book could be used effectively as an educational tool, but it will interest leisure readers, too”. - Jenny Ingram, VOYA.
“Carrie Jones is the real thing: a talented author. Her detailing is exquisite, her powers of observation, superb.” - Tim Wynne-Jones
“Jones offers a convincing small-town environment (“There are no secrets in Eastbrook,” Belle jokes with “a hideous movie ghoul laugh”) and the author’s poetic prose ably captures her heroine’s emotional upheavals.” - Publishers Weekly
“Jones takes what could be a shallow premise and creates a multilayered story that will draw in readers. This book strikes a good balance between relevant social issues and flirty, teenage fun. Teens will be able to relate to the cast of contemporary, realistic characters and the range of emotions that they experience. Jones’s smart and emotional writing style enhances this slightly addicting, fast-paced read.” -Kristen Moreland, Teen Reviewer,VOYA

“This is one the oddest, funniest, and most brilliant first novels that I’ve read in along time, with a teenage voice so authentic that as I read I kept wondering if Jones hadn’t actually written this story when she was seventeen and kept it hidden for a decade or so under her bed.”
- Ed Briant

“Tip for having a (really) great time: Pick up this book!” - Michele Jaffe
“The writing in the book made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up from time to time, because some of the turns of phrase are pure genius, and Carrie’s use of compact imagery will delight you and make you think about your own writing, and how you might boost some of her techniques to improve it.” - Kelly R. Fineman, Edge of the Forest
“This is one smart book with one smart heroine.” - Edge of the Forest reviewer Kelly Harold
“It (TIPS) introduces fully three-dimensional characters facing and reacting to Dylan’s difficult decision to, by Belle’s observation, “be gay in a world where gay is dangerous…where gay means you can die because you’ve loved.” Jones offers an atypical perspective of the coming-out story by legitimizing the love that is not lost, but changed, when young people grow up and apart.” - S. Pattee, Simmons College, Boston; School Library Journal
“An emotional story that’s true at heart.” - Kirkus

“I absolutely loved it. Tips is the type of book that will make you laugh and cringe (but cringe in a good way) at the same time. Belle is a sweetheart; a sweetheart you have to root for. And while I wanted to hate Dylan (like I think Belle did at first), Carrie really did a good job of showing him as a conflicted and compassionate three-dimensional character, not just a stereotypical gay guy that dumps his girlfriend. And—saying this in the most heterosexual way possible—if I was a girl, I would be all over Tom Tanner.”- Varian Johnson

Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend