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Constance Leeds

Connie is the author of The Silver Cup (Viking/Penguin, Spring 2007) - ISBN: 0-670-06157-3


headshot_cleads.jpgConstance Leeds is a retired lawyer and the mother of three mostly grown children. When the children were young, the family lived on a farm with an ill tempered pig, a pain in the neck goat, and a motley flock of wonderful, egg laying chickens (including a rooster just like Toes in The Silver Cup). These days she lives in the city of Boston with two exemplary dogs.

Like most authors, Connie always wanted to be a writer, but she took a long time getting around to actually writing anything. Now that she has her first book, she hopes to write down at least a few more of the stories that have been playing in her head for many years. But writing is very hard work. Some days she would rather go to the beach.

The Silver Cup is dedicated to her beloved husband who died in 2006.

Book: The Silver Cup
the_silver_cup.JPGA little boy disappears. Is it foul play, and is his mother to blame? As Anna wonders what has become of her youngest cousin, his brother Martin is determined to join the gathering armies of the First Crusade.

Anna’s sixteenth fall opens with the usual thankless drudgery, but before winter ends, she finds that neither she nor Martin will ever be the same. When, in late spring in the year 1096, Martin’s Crusaders bring murder and devastation to the Jewish community in the nearby German city of Worms, Anna risks everything to forge a remarkable friendship with Leah, an orphaned Jewish girl.

This is the story of four seasons and a year which transforms the lives of three medieval teenagers.

Book Info:

  • ISBN (Hardcover): 0-670-06157-3
  • ISBN-13 (Hardcover): 978-0-670-06157-0
  • Release date: April 5, 2007
  • Pages: 240

Coming soon.

The Silver Cup