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Eric Luper

Eric is the author of Big Slick, a gritty, quirky, and humorous young adult novel (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Fall 2007)


headshot_eluper.jpgEric Luper has lived in Albany, New York since 1999. Before that, he hopped from town to town depending on where he was going to school or working. As an English/Creative Writing major at Rutgers College, Eric tried to escape his literary destiny by going to chiropractic school. Soon he discovered that, although he made a great doctor, his heart was somehow wrapped around putting words onto paper.

After a childhood with eyes glued to a television set, writing has not come easy. The discovery of Cliff’s Notes brought Eric to believe he’d never need to pick up another book ever. “Not until college did I develop a love for the written word,” explains Eric. “There was always too much stimulation around for me to get lost in the world of reading—other than comic books, of course.”

Following the September 11th tragedy, Eric volunteered with the American Red Cross to aid rescue workers injured in the recovery efforts. To date, he remains a Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer. He’s also treated scores of professional athletes, pop stars, rap artists, rock performers, and movie stars.

He has consulted with the State of New York on their efforts to combat childhood obesity and has appeared on television and radio to talk about various topics including: pediatric back pain and backpacks; pregnancy and chiropractic; and childhood obesity.

Some of Eric’s other interests include golfing, skiing, boating, and spending time with his wife, Elaine; their children, Ethan and Lily; and his dog, Loki. And of course, he always manages to find time to write—usually after everyone else has gone to sleep.

Book: Big Slick
cover_bigslick.jpgBig Slick is a novel about poker, dry cleaning, girlfriends, and muscle cars…but not necessarily in that order. Well, maybe it is in that order. Andrew Lang loves to play Texas Hold’em at the illegal card room in his town. That’s not such a bad thing until he starts losing. The register at his father’s dry cleaners is as good a place as any to grab a few dollars, but what happens when Andrew loses that too?

Big Slick explores how far some people will go to fulfill a need, and how treacherous, yet entertaining, the road back can be!

Coming soon.

Big Slick