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G. Neri

G. Neri is the author of an illustrated novella called Chess Rumble (Lee and Low Books, Fall 2007).


headshot_gneri.jpgG. Neri is a storyteller, filmmaker, artist, and digital media producer. His animated film collaboration with jazz legend Chick Corea, A Picasso on the Beach, was a student Academy Award finalist and aired on HBO and Bravo for seven years. He followed this with an independent feature called A Weekend with Barbara und Ingrid, which he wrote, produced, and directed.

G. Neri has taught animation and storytelling to inner city teens in Los Angeles with the ground-breaking group Animaction, producing over 300 films dealing with issues relevant to the kids: violence, gangs, and drugs. He directed the documentary Fa’a Samoa which followed a 15-year-old Samoan gangbanger who had shamed his village, through the mean streets of Los Angeles.

From 1993-2003, Mr. Neri helped pioneer the internet business, as head of production in two highly successful new media companies whose clients ranged from Disney and MGM studios to Microsoft, Reebok, and General Motors. He was one of the founding members of the Truth teen anti-smoking campaign.

G. Neri currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife and daughter, where he is focusing on writing for teens. His first two books for Lee and Low, Yummy and Chess Rumble, will make their debuts in 2007 and 2008. He is currently finishing a YA novel about two high school surfers who get summer jobs as drug runners.

Book: Chess Rumble
chess_rumble.jpgby G. Neri, illustrated by Jesse Watson
For ages 10 and up

Three moves
is all it takes
to change the outcome
of the game.

In Marcus’s world, battles are fought everyday—on the street, at home, and in school. Angered by his sister’s death and his father’s departure, and pushed to the brink by a bullying classmate, Marcus fights back with his fists.

One punch away from being kicked out of school and his home, Marcus encounters a mysterious chess master named CM who challenges him to fight his battles on the chess board. Marcus resists, until he hits rock bottom, and begins a journey, with CM’s help, to regain control of his life.

Inspired by recent chess enrichment programs in inner-city schools, Chess Rumble explores the ability of a strategic game to empower young people with the tools they need to anticipate their moves through life’s many challenges.
Coming soon.

Chess Rumble