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Greg R. Fishbone

Greg is the author of The Penguins of Doom, a middle-grade fantasy humor novel in epistolary format (Blooming Tree Press, Fall 2007)


headshot_gfishbone.jpgGreg R. Fishbone is the author of books for children, teens, and penguins of all ages.

During high school, Greg posted stories to the computer bulletin board systems that served as early versions of the Internet. Those stories were fun to write but painful to read, and thankfully only exist now in a locked file cabinet where they can do no further harm.

During college, Greg wrote for and edited Event Horizon, the University of Pennsylvania’s speculative fiction magazine. His writing improved as he worked with talented staff members to review and edit student submissions and exclusive works by the likes of Buzz Aldrin and Isaac Asimov.

Greg then won several Golden Grunion awards for his participation in the legendary superhero parody project, Superguy. One of Greg’s stories featured Sal the Garbageman, the absolute and uncontested ruler of the world and all-around nice guy.

The story of Sal the Garbageman formed the basis for a decade of Greg’s unsuccessful attempts to create a publishable novel. Finally, Blooming Tree Press accepted a book about Sal’s seventh-born daughter, Septina Nash, and a gang of penguins.

A lawyer by day and writer by night, Greg fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and fun. He and his wife live in the Boston area with two cats of varying temperament.

Book: The Penguins of Doom
FinalSeptinaCover.jpgGreg’s book is a contemporary humor novel for ages 9 and up, written as a collection of letters.

Septina Nash is a 7th grade seventh child with purple hair and a knack for popping up in music videos. After her triplet-sister mysteriously disappears, Septina finds herself stalked by penguins, pursued by a mad scientist, and on the fast track to an Olympic medal in freestyle skateboarding. Along with her more reality-minded triplet-brother, Quinn, Septina hurdles from one adventure to the next: surviving for ten minutes in the world’s most dangerous truck stop, launching a polar expedition, and collecting an enormous amount of empty yogurt containers.

Is it any wonder why she can’t complete her math homework on time?

The Penguins of Doom will be released on lucky 10/31/07 from Blooming Tree Press.


“Thoroughly silly and campy!”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Septina Nash is smart, sassy, and has a delightfully refreshing attitude.”
—Wands and Worlds
“A fun romp that will appeal to boys and girls of all ages, nine and up!”
—Jen Robinson’s Book Page

The Penguins of Doom