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Jeannine Garsee

Jeannine is the author of Before After and Somebody In Between (Bloomsbury US, Summer 2007)


headshot_jgarsee.jpgJeannine Garsee grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, which also happens to be the setting for her YA novel. She began telling stories on paper as soon as she learned to draw; then, when she grew older, she’d add captions to the pictures, till the captions grew longer and longer, knocking the pictures right off the page. As the author of three “practice” novels before she was out of high school, she never wanted to be anything BUT a writer—but fell under a strange, insidious spell, and found herself in the nursing profession instead. Although she still works full-time as an RN in an inner city hospital, she now devotes every “free” moment to creating new worlds for new characters.

Jeannine lives in Strongsville, Ohio with her husband, two children, a cockatiel, and an ancient, utterly psychotic cat named Max.

Book: Before After and Somebody In Between
before_after.jpgLife sucks for fourteen-year-old Martha. Her now-sober, but completely crazy mom has moved them into a very rough neighborhood to shack up with her equally crazy boyfriend. As if putting up with these two isn’t bad enough, Martha’s terrorized on a daily basis by a bully at her new school. Her dream of becoming a professional cellist is all that keeps her sane—but even that goes up in smoke when her cello is stolen, and a desperate attempt to replace it ends in tragedy.

But in an unexpected twist that would stun even Cinderella, Martha’s handed a chance to start over from scratch. Hiding her white trash past, she invents a new identity and moves in with the wealthy Brinkmans, the “normal family” she has always secretly longed for. But “normal” doesn’t mean “perfect,” because everyone has secrets…and sometimes those secrets can be even more terrible than your own.


BEFORE, AFTER, AND SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN is an amazing action- and danger-filled plot-driven contemporary YA urban tale in which we find that alcoholic parents — whether rich or poor — can thoroughly poison their kids’ lives, that it is not always easy to just say no, and that in the face of really bad stuff going down, some teens will make it to a better day while others are swallowed by the cracks.
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Before After and Somebody In Between