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Laura Bowers

Laura is the author of Beauty Shop for Rent (Harcourt, Spring 2007) - ISBN: 0-15-205764-1


Laura Bowers lives in Maryland with her husband, two boys, three horses, and one deaf dog. When she’s not at a baseball field or basketball court cheering for her kids, Laura spends her time writing, reading, horseback riding, and watching way too much reality TV. Some of her past job titles are waitress, gym membership salesperson, secretary, telemarketer, and during her broke college days, one of those roving characters you see at malls during holiday parades. (The time she had to wear a candy cane costume makes quite an interesting story!)

In 1998, Laura was a full-time mom when she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Fourteen multi-rejected picture books, and two so-so young adult novels later, she was inspired to write her first published novel, Beauty Shop for Rent, after passing a rusted sign that was posted in front of an old, but charming house. And now, she can honestly say that writing and motherhood is a thousand times more rewarding than being a candy cane.

Book: Beauty Shop for Rent
beauty_shop.jpgAbbey Garner has a plan: to earn a million dollars by the time she’s thirty-five. No way is she going to fall prey to the curse of unhappiness that plagues the women in her family. Determined to fulfill her dream, Abbey works at Granny Po’s struggling beauty shop, where the feisty Gray Widows go to primp, polish, and perm; and of course, gossip. There, among the hair dryers and curling rods, and with the help of a new friend, Abbey finds the courage to open her heart. But when her mother suddenly shows up with a wild scheme of her own, Abbey’s plans begin to fall apart.

With a host of raucous characters, debut author Laura Bowers creates a funny, touching novel about family; both the one we are born to and the one we create ourselves.

Book Info:

  • ISBN (Hardcover): 0-15-205764-1
  • ISBN-13 (Hardcover): 978-0-15-205764-0
  • Release date: May 1, 2007
  • Pages: 336


“Teens will find Abbey’s emotional turmoil rings true, as does the reason behind her final act of forgiveness. But it’s the multi-generational friendships-the feisty, sniping conversations with Granny Po and her close circle of friends, “The Widows,” brim with humor-that make Bowers’ first novel a delight.”—Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly

“This deceptively simple book reveals Abbey as a wonderful character who will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. Her quiet, almost folksy lifestyle demonstrates the powerful impact of a loving family and good mentors.”—Susan Riley, Mount Kisco Public Library, NY, School Library Journal
“Beauty Shop for Rent by Laura Bowers is fully equipped with quirky, memorable characters. Inquire within and you’ll find a heartwarming story about a lovable teenage girl, her feisty great-grandmother, and the many people who love them. The beauty is in the writing. The beauty is in the plotting. The beauty is in all of the characters, especially the protagonist. Readers will root for sweet, savvy Abbey, who is trying desperately not to follow in the tragic footsteps of the three generations of women before her. … Step into this BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT for a good, clean read that will tickle your funny bone, massage your mind, and warm your heart. Highly recommended for teens and adults. …”—Bildungsroman
“There is nothing like Polly’s Parlor, where a free dose of gossip comes with a manicure… BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT is the story of a girl growing up and trying to find a place in the world. Realistic, yet humorous, this is a satisfying novel that I’m sure many readers will be able relate to.”—TEENSREADTOO.COM

Author Blurbs …

“As homey, gossipy and charming as a small-town beauty shop, Laura Bowers’ first novel will soothe your mind, cleanse your pores, and make your hair curl with laughter.”—E. Lockhart, author of THE BOYFRIEND LIST and FLY ON THE WALL.

“Bowers gets all the emotional details right in this warm-hearted story. These are the kinds of characters you hate to leave behind when you finish the last page.”—Ellen Wittlinger, author of HARD LOVE and HEART ON MY SLEEVE.

“Beauty Shop for Rent is a down-home, whole-heart story. It’s about a strong girl bolstered by love, shaking off lies, and finding the courage to take chances. It’s about the wrong dream, the right guy, righteous gossip, and the power of a good spa treatment. Funny, aching, and authentic, Laura Bowers’ debut is one of the finest, most entertaining I’ve ever read.”—Cynthia Leitich Smith, author of TANTALIZE and RAIN IS NOT MY INDIAN NAME.

“BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT represents what’s missing in a lot of current YA fiction - good old-fashioned storytelling that doesn’t need some sort of gimmick to make it stand out. The quirky cast of characters feel like real people, and not devices created to perform the plot. Abbey’s voice sparkles right from the get-go, and her relationship with Granny Po and the rest of the gray widows is both hilarious and moving. This is more than just STEEL MAGNOLIAS for the younger set - this is a lovely coming of age story that stands on its own two feet, just like its heartwarming and headstrong protagonist.”—Lara M. Zeises, author of ANYONE BUT YOU and BRINGING UP THE BONES.

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