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Paula Chase

Paula is the author of So Not The Drama (Dafina/Kensington, Spring 2007) - ISBN: 0-7582-1859-1


headshot_pchase.jpgPaula Chase lives outside of Annapolis, MD with her husband and two daughters. She has written for Girls’ Life, Sweet 16, and Baltimore Magazine among others. In addition to her background in corporate communications and public relations, she also founded a youth mentoring program for 14-17 year old girls called Committed Black Women. Her dream is to offer young black girls a story in the vein of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in which they can recognize themselves, as well as a story with crossover appeal to a wide range of readers.

Book: So Not The Drama
So%20Not%20The%20Drama.jpgIn exactly one hour, eighteen minutes, and thirty-five seconds, Mina Mooney will be dipping her pink Nellie Timbs into the infamous frosh pit…

Hoping Del Rio Bay High will live up to her greatest expectations, Mina has big plans for infiltrating the school’s social glitterati. After all, she’s been mad popular for as long as she can remember—and she isn’t about to go from Middle School Royalty to High School Ambiguity. But Del Rio is a big school, so it’ll take some plotting to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Good thing she isn’t afraid of a little hard work—and that her playground peeps, Lizzie, Michael, and JZ, have got her back.

But it isn’t long before Mina’s big plans for securing her social status take a back seat to some drama that was so not expected. Lizzie’s scored an invite from the beautiful people that Mina can only dream about, and not only is Michael tripping about being back in school, but now he’s beefing with JZ. Worst of all, Mina’s sociology class experiment to rid the world—or at least Del Rio High—of prejudice is about to backfire. Because it might just mean she’ll have to rid herself of her very best friend…

Book Info:

  • ISBN (Paperback): 0-7582-1859-1
  • ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-0-7582-1859-9
  • Release date: March 6, 2007
  • Pages: 288

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So Not The Drama