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Sundee T. Frazier

Sundee is the author of Brendan Buckley’s Universe & Everything In It (Delacorte/Random House, Fall 2007)


headshot_sfrazier.jpgSundee Frazier says: “When I first wrote this book, Brendan’s grandpa didn’t show up until the very end. Little did I know that the discovery of Grandpa DeBose was actually where Brendan’s story began…but as Brendan says about asking questions, writing often leads to surprises, and it always leads to asking more questions.”

Like Brendan Buckley, Sundee Frazier is proud to come from both black and white people. She is the author of Check All That Apply: Finding Wholeness as a Multiracial Person, and she especially wants to see young people grow up feeling good about their heritage and identities. Raised in Washington State, where she’s hunted for rocks and minerals of her own, she’s also lived in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and completed her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults through Vermont College. She and her husband live in Renton, Washington. You can read more about her published work at www.sundeefrazier.com. This is her first book for children.

Book: Brendan Buckley’s Universe & Everything In It
brendan_buckley.jpgIn ten years, I’d never once met my grandpa. My mom didn’t want to talk about him. Now suddenly I’d discovered him, and he was a scientist, just like me. Where had he been? Why couldn’t we talk about him? This is what I found out…

Ten-year-old Tae Kwon Do blue belt and budding rock hound Brendan Buckley keeps a “CONFIDENTIAL” notebook for his top secret, scientific discoveries. And he’s found something totally top secret. The grandpa he’s never met, whom his mom refuses to talk about or see, is an expert mineral collector, and lives nearby! Secretly, Brendan visits Ed DeBose, whose skin is pink, not brown like Brendan’s, his dad’s, or Grampa Clem who recently died. Brendan sets out to find the reason behind Ed’s absence, but what he discovers can’t be explained by science, and now he wishes he’d never found him at all…

Brendan’s genuine gusto for learning and digging for the truth will have readers rooting for him throughout this story of one boy’s attempt to understand race and reunite his family.

Coming soon.

Brendan Buckley’s Universe & Everything In It