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Suzanne Selfors

Suzanne is the author of To Catch a Mermaid (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Fall 2007)


headshot_sselfors.jpgBorn in Munich, Germany in 1963, Suzanne attended Bennington College and graduated with honors from Occidental College in Documentary Film Production. She recieved an MA in Communications from the University of WA. She lives with her husband on an island in WA state where they are raising two children, a dog, a cat, and a flock of messy chickens.

Book: To Catch a Mermaid
to_catch_mermaid.jpgBoom Broom (12) can only afford to buy seafood from the reject bucket at the end of Fisherman’s Dock. He grabs what he thinks is a large, sea-grass covered fish, and shoves it into his backpack. But when his sister Mertyle (10) pulls back the sea-grass, the kids discover a little green face, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and an unpleasant attitude. It’s a merbaby.

While Mertyle loves and cares for the baby, Boom and his best friend Winger, realize that the creature could make the Brooms rich beyond their wildest dreams. No longer would the Broom house be the eye sore of Fairweather Isand. No longer would the Brooms have to eat reject seafood. Boom could finally buy those professional kicking shoes he’s always wanted and build his own Kick the Ball Against the Wall arena.

But when Mertyle catches a horrid case of Ick from the merbaby, Boom must cast aside his dreams and seek out the only people who have the cure—the merfolk. With a map etched on the baby’s scales, and the help of the local Sons of the Vikings Club, Boom sets forth on an adventure to save his sister’s life, and discovers in the process that the very best things often lie far beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Coming soon.

To Catch a Mermaid