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Needle in the Haystack No More

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Needle In The Haystack No More

Class of 2K7 Provides One-Stop Shopping for Booksellers, Librarians and Teachers Searching for New Voices in YA & MG Literature

(City, State) -- Trying to find the freshest new voices among the 6,000 children's books released annually is as easy as 2-K-7. The Class of 2K7, a collaborative effort of thirty-nine debut children's authors from twenty-four publishers, launched today with one goal in mind -- provide easy access to their books to booksellers, librarians and teachers (BLTs). Building upon the community vibe that exists within the children's writer's community, members ignored their books differences and instead focused on the commonalities -- each author is new to the children's market and striving to be noticed among the three groups that can most influence readers' buying habits.

"One voice in a crowded field is drowned out. But a collective voice resonates crisp and clear," says Greg Fishbone, 2K7 creator and Class President. "Together we're pointing BLTs to our books, making it easy for them to make decisions on children's lit acquisitions or booking authors for visits."

The concept of easy, one-stop shopping was the impetus behind the formation of the class. The collective shout of 2K7 strategically directs BLTs to a virtual community consisting of a website, Blog, and forum where BLTs can research the members and their books, ask writing-related questions and interact directly with members on topics relevant to the children's book market.

The website offers a "shop before you buy," atmosphere. Authors are categorized by genre, release date, and region. The site also links to each author's individual website. "Say you're a librarian looking for an author in the southwest. We've got one there. Actually we've got four," Fishbone says. "2K7 members represent ten U.S. regions on both coasts all the way from New England to Florida. And all members are willing to do multi-author events both within and beyond their regions."

Members believe that participating in the collaborative effort will help their books stand out to BLTs beyond the initial flurry of release. "We wanted to provide a tool that would ensure that anyone seeking a new author in 2007 could find us," 2K7 member, Paula Chase-Hyman explains. "We'll be announcing 2K7 events and new releases all year-long. Each time a BLT heads to our site, another new author or half-dozen may pique their interest."

In addition to the website, BLTs can pose questions to the authors on their blog or interact one-on-one with the group/request a visit via their forum .

The Class of 2K7 is a collaborative effort of thirty-nine debut children's authors from twenty-four publishers. More information on members and their books can be found at