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2k8 News

In the space of two weeks, three of our members learned that their books are being pushed into early 2008. Book release dates can be moved forward or back for any number of reasons, which is yet another complicating factor for a marketing group like ours, which is based on the calendar year.

We’re doing our best to make lemonade from this lemon of news though, because these three have agreed to stick around as liaisons from the nascent Class of 2k8. They will be picking up all our tips and tricks, learning from our mistakes, and forming the core of a whole new Class to come.

At the moment, the Class of 2k8 consists of:

Marissa Doyle, author of Bewitching Season (Henry Holt/Holtzbrinck Group, Spring 2008).
Jody Feldman, author of The Gollywhopper Games (Greenwillow/HarperCollins, Spring 2008).
Zu Vincent, author of The Lucky Place (Front Street/Boyds Mills Press, Spring 2008).