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Class of 2k7 Closes Membership

Much as we hate to turn people away—and we really have agonized over this in our private discussions—the Class of 2k7 must finalize its membership roster this week. With only two-and-a-half months before our first books hit the shelves, our valiant Printed Materials Committee is already scrambling to design a brochure to showcase every member’s books and information.

We will not be accepting any more applications, but you may still see our membership numbers creep upward over the next few days because several previously-issued invitations are still outstanding. If you have one of these invitations, please let us know ASAP whether you will be joining the group or not. All Class of 2k7 invitations that are not accepted will expire on Friday, October 20, at 5PM Eastern Time.

We’re sorry that we can’t take on everyone who might be interested in joining our group, but we hope to include other authors in our regional tours. Keep us posted on where you live and when your book is coming out, and good luck with all that you do!