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Class of 2k8 Seeks Next Year's Authors

Starting today, the Class of 2k8 will be open for business!

The Class of 2k8 is a group of first-time middle grade and young adult fiction authors with debut novels to be published in 2008. This class will mostly follow the model of the successful and original Class of 2k7, and is sanctioned by that group.

The Class of 2k8 will be involved in a cross-publisher marketing campaign geared to put their books on the radar screen of booksellers, librarians, teachers and readers.

To join:
*You must be a first-time middle grade or young adult author
*With a novel to debut in 2008
*From an established publishing house listed in CWIM.
*You will also be required to make both a financial and time commitment.

If you’re interested in joining or in finding out more about the group, send an email request to [authors at Classof2k8 dot com]. On Sunday, April 15, They will start sending out the application forms along with a preliminary set of expectations.

We’re so proud of these guys!