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Weekend Updates

Some enhancements have been made to the Class of 2k7 website over the weekend. You may have noticed the awesome new logo designed by our own Ruth McNally Barshaw (ELLIE McDOODLE: HAVE PEN, WILL TRAVEL, Bloomsbury US) with input from members of our PR Committee. The logo uses a schoolbook font, a bookshelf reminiscent of those found in bookstores, and a reading figure meant to evoke the classic library road signs found in many communities. In one simple but distinctive image, Ruth has managed to tie together all the hopes and aspirations of the Class of 2k7 group.

And it looks really cool, too!

You may also have noticed a link to our new Release Calendar page. Keep watching this page for updates to determine when each of our books will become available.

Our website is a work in progress, as all active websites are. We will continue to add new pages and features and to respond to your suggestions on how to make the pages even more informative and easy to navigate. The Class of 2k7 thanks you for your help and support!